June 1, 2023


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Whale Makes Surprising $184 Million Transfer of SOL Amid Solana’s Partnership with Software Behemoth Brave

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A significant transfer of Solana (SOL) was observed a few hours ago, as a crypto whale transferred millions of dollars worth of SOL to an undisclosed wallet. The transaction was reportedly triggered by the recent partnership announcement between Solana and the prominent software company, Brave.

The crypto community was recently alerted to a significant transfer of Solana (SOL) by Whale Alert, a leading tracker of large cryptocurrency transactions. The movement of 7,981,517 SOL, worth approximately $184,488,088 at the time of the transfer, was made by an unidentified crypto whale on the Solana network

Whale Alert issued a tweet stating, “A transfer of 7,981,517 SOL, equivalent to 184,488,088 USD, was made from one unidentified wallet to another.

A closer look into the first Solana address shows that the whale left it with only 0.002 SOL.

Solana Partners With Software Giant Brave

The recent transfer of SOL tokens comes at a time when Solana has secured a strategic partnership with software giant, Brave. This collaboration will bring Solana’s decentralized application (DApp) support to the iPhone Operating System (iOS) and Android versions of Brave browser.

The announcementt highlights that Brave users can now access Solana DApps through the integrated crypto wallet within the Brave browser, without the need to switch to a different platform.

Amelia Daly, the Head of Partnerships at Solana Foundation, emphasizes the significance of this new integration, stating that it provides users with a seamless browser-based connection to Solana programs. “Enhancements in user experience and mobile integration are key factors in attracting new users,” noted Daly.

Additionally, Brendan Eich, CEO and co-founder of Brave, stated, “Brave is quickly becoming the preferred browser for the Web3 community, and with the addition of Solana DApp support on mobile, we are extending that reach to another crucial demographic seeking convenient and efficient methods of using their cryptocurrency while on the move.”

It is worth mentioning that Brave announced its intention to partner with Solana in November 2021, without disclosing the specifics of the planned integration at that time.

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